Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Achieving Resolutions

Dixya Poudel

Resolutions are definite and concrete aspirations for self-improvement, typically set for a New Year. Thus, New Year isn’t just an occasion to commemorate the beginning of a year, it is also a chance to set priorities in life which is where resolutions come in focus. Yet, resolutions are delicate. What seemed like a straight forward enough objective at the start of a year tends to get evasive as days turn into months.

There is thus an age old conundrum on successful implementation of resolutions. How do we follow through our goals? How can we achieve our aims without stress and anxiety? The most common resolution worldwide is to get fit which is almost synonymous with New Year resolutions. After the weight we put on during the winter holidays, we yearn to lose it in the spring. Going to gym or exercising at home increases in fervour during the first few months of the New Year but very few manage to keep on going.

Likewise, another common resolution is to shed bad habits and embrace the good ones. However, it is easier said than done because as human beings we are wired to give into temptation which is why the extra helpings during meal times seem inevitable.

We also tend to give up after a few months of exercising and further become indolent in our school, work or at home. The question then arises on how we can successfully follow through our resolutions and remain encouraged even in adverse circumstances.

Time, determination and energy are crucial factors in motivation. How we approach our resolutions matters so that in the face of temptations we are able to use our willpower to stick to goals. Experts firstly advise to assess one’s perseverance when creating resolutions. It is necessary to be practical and pragmatic in setting goals after which we can focus on prioritising them. By choosing one or two goals during the beginning, it is viable to keep track of them without losing enthusiasm.

Our aim ought to be action oriented. The more we are able to see successful results, the more we are likely to be fuelled with encouragement. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And each step matters as small successes eventually add up to greater successes while imbuing us with positivity. Likewise, it is advised to keep resolutions simple and make room for adjustments around the goals. There will be times when you are close to giving up. In such circumstances, don’t judge yourself. Instead, give yourself an encouraging, supportive and positive self-talk.

Most importantly, keep track of your progress. Create a journal where you can jot down your progress and the fields where you need to work on. The more progress you see, the more you will keep on prodding through. Growth and learning are certain when we are resolute. And who wouldn’t want to be their best possible self? Resolutions are thus innovative ways to realise our potential.
The validation and support from our loved ones are very effective in keeping our resolutions. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest which is why we must keep growing no matter what the circumstances are. Resolutions are therefore efficient ways to work on ourselves and our lives.