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Turquoise Tarn Gem Of Nepal


Saudamini Chalise

Only the exceptionally serendipitous ones get that chance of a lifetime to bask between the turquoise tarn and wild blue yonder above at an elevation of 3,691 metres high from sea level with the white fluffy clouds frolicking over the infinite canvas of sapphire.

Sheer Exhilaration
The heartbeat will do the tango in sheer exhilaration after realising the allure of the magnificent ethereal beauty of 'Birendra Lake.' The enigma of these exotic regions lingers on a bit for a while until the heart calms down being in sync with the hummings of nature. Silence reigns over the land letting one come to terms with the sense of humility and humbleness in the presence of the mighty nature.

Geographically positioned in the Manaslu region of the Gorkha district, it's a class in itself, a rare benevolence of the god's hands. The first juncture of the enthralling journey comments on the trail of Manaslu. The curated nature of the trek conducted allows the trekkers to imbibe the plethora of natural scenery and get the precedented luxury of being one with nature.

The trek can be of the duration of ten days up to a fortnight depending upon the taste of the green panthers frolicking amidst the canopies of the chaparral boscages stretched beyond the grasps of human sight is indeed an enthralling moment. The trek is given a green signal from the hub of Gorkha Bazaar, then wandering amid the surreal beauty of its surroundings in the span of 4 to 5 hours Sati Khola can be traversed. Each day is methodically mapped out meeting the schedule without any failure or mishaps.

A day is kept for sightseeing and acclimatisation forthwith the second stretch of the trek to Samdo is given a go. After a tenure of approximately 6 hours, Samdo can be reached with ease.

An eagle-eye view of the majesticBirendra Lake

Acclimatisation is a mandatory requirement to further the trek going through the height of 5135meters from the sea level, rambling through the Larka La Pass. After which the last leg of the trek falls in Lamjunj, Syange.

During the falls, as the temperature reduces below the sub-zero temperature, breathtaking mosaics of ice are formed on the 'Birendra Taal', perhaps nature's sculpting.
The Larka La Pass, the highest point in the Manaslu trek circuit, is an amalgamation of nature's wealth where one can't have an ounce of regrets left in them. One can not resist the temptation of falling in love with the scenic ambience there. The beauty and lustre of Mt. Manaslu merely can't be interpreted by the words themselves as the words utterly fail at it. Mt. Manaslu is positioned at the east end of the Annapurna region.

As the trek ascends following the Buri Gandaki river to the Larka La Pass, the trekkers are struck with awe by the silhouette of glorious mountain ranges such as Himchuli (7893m), Manaslu (8163m), Ganesh Himal, Ngdai chuli(7879m), Peak 29 and plethora of other mountain ranges frequently prancing in between from the veil of clouds The trekkers are mesmerized and tongue-tied with the incomprehensible beauty of nature as one won’t be able to shake off the allure of cosmic beauty from their psyche, it will linger on at the subconscious level.
Those who get the rare opportunity to set foot in these pristine lands will continue to have an ongoing love affair with this exotic piece of jewel clasped in the bosoms of the majestic, enthralling, mesmerising Himalayas of Nepal.

The aquamarine green fresh waters of the 'Birendra Lake' are the reservoir of millions of rare species of plants and plankton. Its geological aspects are insurmountable to geologists from around the globe. Traversing the enigmatic journey across the tonic elixir of the 'Birendra Lake, Larka La pass' soothes away the subtle layers of travesties faced in the mundanely busy life of the city. It helps to restore dwindling faith in the creations and the unfathomable realms of the cosmic symphony.

Manaslu Circuit
If one is attempting to get hooked on the myriads of self-numbing intoxicants, then playing hide and seek with the clouds amidst these nooks and crannies of the Manaslu circuit will be the best prescription given to mankind.

Therefore, it is all the more vital to do the homework of preserving the natural harmony of these priceless jewels of nature bestowed upon us.
Only a genuine collaboration between the government and the local people of that area will ensure that a safety net has been implemented to check and evaluate the ecological impacts endured during its exposure to the globetrotters. The pulchritude of this destination can remain intact and uncorrupted if it's handled with precautions and the future in mind. The enigmatic 'Birendra Lake' is as elegant, charismatic and, glamorously akin to the late his majesty Birendra.

(A freelance writer, Chalise holds Master's degree in travel and tourism.