Thursday, 18 July, 2024

Tribute to Ram Sharan Nepali


Mannu Shahi


Born in Kirtipur in 1958, Ram Sharan Nepali was one of the pioneering artists coming to the Nepali mainstream industry from the great lineage of traditional music belonging to the Gandharva community. A prominent player for his times in the industry, his work was mainly noted through his virtuosic and highly expressive playing of the sarangi and his experimentations with the instrument like using metal strings and a violin bow.
Nepali was one the initial role models who helped bring sarangi to the forefront as his performances of songs like “Ghar Beti Nani”, “Sinki Jholi Jhol”, “Thamel Ma” etc. were a regular-hit at Radio Nepal.
His songs with a rather rebellious nature like “Kohi Ta Bhaney Jahaz Ma Harara” that dealt with political issues concerning democracy, justice and freedom also helped build his following further.
His legacy continues to this day through members of his clan who are well-established musicians in the contemporary Nepali music fraternity; artists like Shyam Nepali, Prince Nepali, Kiran Nepali amidst others are actively making a difference by employing the instrument to countless genres/styles and experimenting further by adding electronic elements and introducing a new realm of opportunities to explore the endless possibilities of this instrument.
While others are vigorously working towards transmitting this great tradition to the next generation of artists and helping shape the appearance of authentic Nepali music.
Thus to celebrate this great figure an event titled "Sarangi ko Nepali Bhaka Tribute to Late Ram Sharan Nepali” is being organized today at Rastriya Sabha Griha from 4pm onwards. The event aims to address the themes of social inclusion, achievement and contribution of Ram Sharan Nepali in music and art amidst the young generation of aspiring artists. The organizers feel this event as a statement that reminds the urban citizens about their role in helping Gandarva music flourish.
The entry fees are priced Rs. 500 and 1000 according to the seating arrangement and the show is presented by Tree Media as a fundraiser, proceedings of which will be donated to the enhancement of Sarangi Village, Kritipur. Artists like Bipul Chhettri, Shayam Nepali, Kiran Nepali are included amidst the acts presenting their set during the event that celebrates this wise musical figure and his lifetime of work.