Thursday, 13 June, 2024

CDO instructs Bajhang locals to demolish Chhaugoths


By Our Correspondent, Bajhang, Jan. 9: The district-based security forces are actively demolishing Chhaugoths (isolated menstruation sheds) after the Ministry of Home Affairs issued an 8-point circular to the local authorities to discourage the practice of Chhaupadi.  

Issuing the circular a few days back, the Ministry instructed the local authorities to punish those who force women to stay in the isolated huts during their mensuration and those women who are giving continuity to the evil practice.

After this circular, locals of the area where the evil practice prevails widely are found to be terrified fearing legal actions.  

A dilemma has seen in the society as to who should they believe whether the priests of the villages who force women to stay in the isolated hut during their mensuration or the government decree not to stay in the Chhaugoths.  

Locals of the district are in fear after Chief District Officer Umesh Pandey and a police team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police reached  Selakhet of Jaya Prithivi Municipality to demolish the Chhaugoths and tell the people not to continue the practice.  

The CDO said, “We are informed that Chhaupadi practice is widespread  here and we have seen many Chhaugoths in this area. Start demolishing process of Chhaugoths with other   locals from tomorrow.”

He asked them to demolish all Chhaugoths within four days.

“I am here with a team of police to demolish Chhaugoths. Women who force others to stay in an isolated hut during their mensuration and those who are giving continuity to this practice will be punished,” he threatened the locals.   

Talking about Chhaupadi custom with locals of Selathet, CDO Pandey said that those who practice this ill custom would not be spared.

We are disregarded on national and international levels for practicing Chhaupadi as many women lose their lives in their early age, he said.

The Police team, along with Pandey observed seven Chhaugoths in 40 households of Selakhat.

Nabaraj Koirala, chief of ward, urged all villagers to demolish Chhaugoths of their area.

Parbati Kunwar, one of participants of Chhaupadi practice, complained that instead of getting a suitable environment to live in home during mensuration, they were forced to live in congested and small Chhaugoths.

The priests and Shamans will also be punished if they instigate women to follow Chhaupadi, the CDO said.

Ganesh Bam, District Superintendent Police, informed that there were as many as 300 Chhaugoths in the district.

Women in Surma Gaupalika, Jay Prithivi Municipality, Talkot, Kaptad, Channa Gaupalikas  live in Chhaugoths during their mensuration.