Friday, 19 April, 2024

Book on slain NC leaders to be launched


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec. 30: BP Ideology National Society (BPINS) has come up with a book on 10 major leaders of the Nepali Congress who were either killed or were about to be killed during the Panchayat period.
Former President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav will launch the book ‘Nepalko Prajatantrik Andolanka Bir Yoddaharu (Brave Fighters of Nepal’s Democratic Movement) on Wednesday on the occasion of the 44th National Unity and Reconciliation Day, informed the BPINS on Monday.
The research-based book published by BPINS deals with nine Nepali Congress leaders who were killed by the rulers after the 1960 coup. Only one living leader to get space in the book is Kul Bahadur (KB) Gurung, chairman of BPINS, who managed to live despite facing jail terms.
The book penned by 10 separate scholars has highlighted the political life of NC leaders Ram Narayan Mishra, Yogendra Man Sherchan, Diwan Singh Rai, Saroj Prasad Koirala, Jagat Prakash Jung, Tej Bahadur Amatya, Lal Dhoj Gurung, Buddha Singh Rana and Durga Nanda Jha, who were killed for launching democratic movements in Nepal.
Every year, the Nepali Congress marks National Reconciliation Day on Push 16 (January 1) to commemorate the day when BP Koirala returned to Nepal ending his exile in India in 1977, considering the then adverse political situation in South Asia.
Koirala wanted to continue his democratic movements staying within Nepal although he knew well that his life would be at risk, and no leader had advised him to do so, KB Gurung said.
Gurung was one of the three leaders who had dared to land in Kathmandu first after Koirala took the decision to end his exile. Dharma Gautam and Basu Koirala were the other two leaders who had accompanied Gurung then.