Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Tea workers warn of launching agitation

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Ilam, Aug. 13: Tea factory workers here have warned of launching an agitation if tea entrepreneurs did not fulfil their demands. There is provision of increasing remuneration of tea workers in every two years.

They have put forth the demands that tea industrialists should increase their remuneration and social allowance of social security tax to be paid from the remuneration should be given to workers. Similarly, the workers demanded that their dues should be paid.

The workers complained that industrialists have not provided them safety materials even if they are working in coronavirus pandemic. Though the coronavirus has affected all sectors across the world, it has been ‘golden time’ for tea sector, they said. The tea workers shared that the tea industries have been making good income from tea as price of green tea leaves has been hiked in recent period.

There is a provision in Article 106 of the Labour Act -2074 that minimum remuneration of workers should be revised in every two years, but such provision has not been implemented yet though it should be implemented from this fiscal year. The tea workers had launched street agitation for 44 days halting all works demanding implementation of Labour Act last year.

Central Committees of Nepal Agriculture and Garden Area Workers’ Association, Nepal Tea Garden Workers’ Association and Nepal Tea Workers’ Association have warned of launching agitation this time.