Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

Self-reliant economy essential in evolving scenario: Speaker Sapkota

Bikash Dware/TRN

Kathmandu, April 10: Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has emphasized the self-reliant economy in the evolving scenario.

Speaking at the 71st annual general meeting of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) he said that the world economy has been gonging through an unprecedented scenario due to challenges arising from COVID-19, advancements in technology and climate change.

He appreciated the contribution of NCC to the development of the Nepal economy. He expressed his belief that combined efforts of government and the private sector are essential for the development of the economy.

Speaking at the program Chief Secretary of the government of Nepal said that though the few economic indicators are showing challenging scenarios, the aggregate economy is not in such a drastic scene being buzz around the media.

In the inauguration speech, the Chairman of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce Rajendra Malla said that government support is necessary for the development of the industry.