Thursday, 22 February, 2024

Reduced airlines flights affects Humla locals


By Our Correspondent
Humla, Apr. 5: Locals in Humla as well the passengers in northern Humla have faced difficulties for daily necessities and development materials due to a lack of road infrastructure. The problem has become acute after all private airlines stopped returning to Humla after flying to Kathmandu.

Consumer Narendra Bhandari said that he has stopped eating vegetables and meat for eleven days now. He complained that the consumers have been affected due to the shortage of daily necessities like meat, vegetables, fruits, oil, sugar, spices, soaps and etcetera. He said that they have stopped receiving goods after flights were stopped.

Saroj Rawat of Panas Shopping Center said that not only shortage of daily necessities and development materials but also passengers coming from Nepalgunj and Surkhet have been in problems. He said that the problem has escalated after private airlines stopped flying from Nepalgunj and Surkhet for four days due to a lack of aircraft.

Stating that the people of the district are facing problems when private airlines are dollar oriented, Chairman of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nyamgyal Tamang, said that they have always faced such problem during the months of March and April and Dashain and Tihar. Private airlines which used to take 15-20 flights daily have stopped flying to Humla.
Secretary of Federation of Contractors' Association (FCAN), Buddhi Rokaya, said that this situation has affected more than four dozen projects and that private airlines have become more business oriented than service. If 60 percent business and 40 percent service policy was implemented, the residents would not face such problems, said Rokaya. He has also demanded that the government arrange regular flights.

Service of Nepal Airlines is smooth
Nepal Airlines (NA), on the other hand, has been operating four flights a week to Simkot. The flight of NA does not seem to be enough for this season. Carrying 14 to 16 passengers from a single NA flight does not seem to solve the problem. Kiran Man Shrestha, chief of NA Regional Office, Nepalgunj, said that he would continue his service regularly.

Food transportation stopped
The food subsidy of Food Management and Trading Company Limited (FMTC) has also stopped being transported after the number of flights were reduced. It is seen that there will be food shortage in the district during the election. FMTC Humla branch has made a complaint to the airlines in charge for transportation about the low food stock in the warehouse.