Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

NEPSE leaps by 69.22 points


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Nov. 16: The stock market turned greener for the second consecutive day on Tuesday.

The benchmark of share market index, NEPSE, posted a double-digit growth of 69.22 points (2.55 per cent) and closed at 2,784.57 points Tuesday.

The NEPSE index increased by 26.44 points on Monday after a fall of 160 points after Tihar festival.

The sensitive index which measures the performance of group ‘A’ companies increased by 14.92 points to close at 521.46 points.

According to NEPSE, the sub-indices of all groups improved in today’s transaction.

Sub-index of life insurance group saw the highest growth of 270.61 points followed by non-life insurance and hydropower group whose indices increased by 188.24 points and 164.2 points respectively.

Likewise, the sub-index of manufacturing and processing group increased by 128.15 points, development bank by 111.24 points, others by 111.76 points and microfinance by 89.55 points.

The sub-indices of banking, trading, hotels and tourism, finance, mutual fund and investment group increased by 34.39 points, 63.42 points, 70.6 points, 82.38 points, 0.13 points and 1.59 points respectively.

A total of 10,093,221 shares worth Rs. 5.52 billion of 227 companies were bought and sold in 69,200 transactions today.