Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Low visibility affects domestic flights at TIA


Kathmandu, April 1: Following the bad weather domestic flights have been affected at Tribhuwan International Airport. 

According to the airport, due to insufficient visibility, planes connected to the Visual Flight Rules (VFR) system have not been able to fly since this morning. To fly from the VFR system at least 5,000 meters of visibility is needed.

However, since the visibility has been only 3,000 meters since today morning, out of 35 flights across the country, only international flights and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) system based flights are being operated, said TIA spokesperson Teknath Sitaula.

Due to the thick smoke, domestic flights of the VFR system from TIA have not been able to fly across the country since 6:30 am. 

TIA has scheduled more than 200 regular domestic flights on Friday. At present, Yeti, Buddha, Shree, Saurya, Nepal Airlines, Guna, Tara, Summit and Sita Airlines have been operating daily flights in Nepal. According to the airport, 30 airlines operate more than 60 international flights daily.