Saturday, 2 March, 2024

Karnali to provide allowance to150 shepherds


By Our Correspondent
Jumla, Jan. 30: Jumla’s Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Office has stated providing allowance to shepherds.
The office has also started accepting applications from shepherds. The allowance is expected to promote sheep husbandry in the region.
According to the Livestock Service Office, a total of 265 shepherds have applied for the allowance.
“Selection process of the received applications has started. Some employees have been deployed in the field to confirm whether the applicants are real shepherds or not,” said Govinda Mahat, chief of the Livestock Service Office.

As per Mahat, allowance distribution process will begin only after a report arrives from the field study and proper analysis is done.
“The allowance distribution programme might start from next month,” said Mahat.
A shepherd with over 50 sheep will be receiving a monthly allowance of Rs. 1,500.

“A shepherd will earn Rs. 18,000 annually as allowance. We plan to provide allowance to 150 shepherds of Jumla,” said Mahat.
Meanwhile, the allowance will be credited in the shepherd’s bank account.

“The allowance is a policy from Karnali Province government to motivate farmers towards sheep herding,” said Mahat.
A total of 284 farmers have registered sheep husbandry at the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Office.