Monday, 26 February, 2024

Farmers in Bardiya hit hard by lockdown 


Bardiya, May 3 :  Farmers in the district have been worried about their agricultural produce not finding the market due to lockdown. Watermelon in particular at Gulariya municipality has rotten in the farm.    
Fifty five farmers at Babai have grown watermelon in 10 bighas of land. However, they are facing difficult y to get the market for selling their produce.    
Local resident Chhetra Bahadur Tharu has grown watermelon in 10 kattas of land with an investment of Rs 60,000. But he is worried about sales and distribution of the fruit due to lockdown. "Last year, I got Rs 100,000 profits from the farming," he said.    
Likewise, Basanti Tharu is facing the same problem. She has done watermelon farming in three katthas of land with an investment of Rs 3,000 she borrowed. It costs approximately Rs 5,000 to grow watermelon in five katthas of land, said another farmer Lautan Tharu.    
The local administration has allowed the market to open for three hours a day from 11 am to 2 pm to ease the supply and sale of essentials and agricultural products during lockdown.    
But, farmers said the time set by the government for the supply and sale of agricultural products during lockdown was not enough.