Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Bee boxes handedover to farmers in Subsidy


By Musikot Correspondent, West Rukum, April 9: Bee boxes along with Beehives have been distributed to the farmers of Musikot Municipality, West Rukum. It was distributed by the Agriculture Development Department of the Municipality.

They distributed to the 42 farmers of all the 14 wards. Municipality Chief Devilal Gautum said that bee boxes along with beehives have been distributed to the farmers at a 50 per cent subsidy.

Agriculture Development Department Chief of the Municipality Prem Bahadur Khatri said that the grant has been provided in line with the annual program of 2021/22 included in the budget.

He said that honeycombs purchased with the subsidy are distributed to the 42 farmers. He said that it is the appropriate region for bee boxes farming.

The Municipality distributed seeds of wheat, onion seedlings, and ginger. Khatri said that a 50 per cent subsidy is provided for agriculture equipment.