Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Juicy, cheap, organic apples from Karnali overwhelm market in Nepalgunj


By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, Sept. 9: The sale of imported apples from India and China has dwindled here as the domestic and organic apples from Jumla, Kalikot, Humla, and Mugu districts of the Karnali Province have overwhelmed the markets.

Nepalgunj is the city where apples from China and India are sold in a huge amount in other seasons. But now, as the domestic products have arrived, the imported apples have lost appeals and the apples from Karnali are prevailing in the market. Nepalgunj is also a major market for apples from the hilly districts of Karnali.

The domestic apples have captured the market also because they are cheap compared to imported ones in Kohalpur and Nepalgunj.

The apples from Karnali are sold at Rs. 90-120 a kg whereas the apples from India cost between 150 to 250 rupees per kg and those from China cost over Rs. 160 per kg.

Ramjan Kabadiya, a local trader, said that as the apples from Jumla, Kalikot have arrived in Nepalgunj in huge amounts, imported apples have lost their market.

Shamsher Minya, another wholesaler, said there was a huge demand for apples from Karnali as they are juicy, sweet, and also cheap compared to imported apples.

He said even the fruit vendors from across the border, India, purchase apples from Karnali to sell in their market.

About 5 tons of apples are sold a day from Agriculture Product Center at Kohalpur in Banke district.

With the rise in demand for the Karnali apples, a large amount of these apples has also been stored at the Bheri Cold Store Cooperatives.