Tuesday, 23 April, 2024

Agricultural census to take place in Tanahun


Damauli, March 28 : Agricultural census is taking place in Tanahun since coming 19 April through 2 May 2022. The agro census is to collect details on the farmers' land, their crops and livestock as well as environmental impact on agriculture.    

Office Chief Nawaraj Pokharel shared that agro census is to be put in place to address data gaps in the formulation of plan and policy at local, district, province and national level and to strengthen monitoring and evaluation.    

As many as 63 enumerators will be mobilized for agro census in Tanahun. Likewise, 16 supervisors and an agro census officer will be mobilized, he shared.    
The census will cover at least 4,175 farmers from 167 census spots in all local government units of the district.